Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot is an astonishing museum with 4+ floors of permanent exhibits and a basement containing the special exhibits. Parking is located right outside for $10 and entry is $20 per adult. Discounts are offered for military service veterans, teachers in Texas (plus bordering states), and few other criteria.

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The Perot Museum is what I would imagine if my elementary school textbooks come to life. Everything you see is not only interesting but also educational-and hands on! It’s an educational wonder. And there is no limit to the amount on learning that can take place here. While it’s geared toward children, there is still plenty to catch the attention and awe of adults. Learn about animals, science, weather, rocks, and people! Plan on spending at least a few hours to take it all in. I suggest riding the mega escalator to the top and working your way down. You’ll get to preview each floor as you go by and get an idea of what’s to come.

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/commercial-duct-cleaning-dallas-tx/ This place is always a great place to take the kids or even the older members of your family! There are so many fun and interactive learning activities for both grown-ups and kids alike. I love the sports floor and the hands-on science activities floors. There is so much to engage with and learn from. Plan on spending a good 3 or more hours there! I could easily stay here all day, but there is just never enough time in our trip to see everything there. We didn’t check out the theater this time, but last time when we came, we watched a short flick and that too was pretty interesting.

The only downside to this place is it can get very crowded during the summer season when the kids are out of school. When the place is busy you sometimes have to wait to do certain activities, but sometimes it’s just fun to watch people interact with the activities. It gives you a different perspective and can modify how you interact with the activities. Also if you are able to, I highly recommend you use the stairs to help the elevator wait times.

My aunt was unable to use the stairs due to a health issue and the wait for the elevators can be a bit time consuming (especially the single elevator that goes to the top-level). If you are able to, as a bonus, one of the staircases has a musical feature which is fun for the kids and the adults! I will say if you are in Dallas, definitely go to the Perot! As another suggestion, if you can, buy your tickets online cause the ticket line can be lengthy as well! Plus you will have more time to spend in the museum, which is a definite bonus!

I visited the Perot Museum recently and I have mixed feelings. The building itself is magnificent There is a giant escalator which takes you from the first floor to the fourth and then you can work your way down through the exhibits on the various floors. You can descend either by elevator or stairs. The museum was very crowded and as others have remarked the elevators can be very slow. There was a special exhibit on early humans which was excellent; however, I was less impressed with the rest of the exhibits. As in most science museums, the exhibits seemed “dumbed down” and lacked much real content.

The museum seems to be oriented toward kids but I am not sure what they actually get out of it. For example, there is an earthquake simulator which you can ride in order to get a physical feel for earthquakes of various magnitudes but it seemed to be treated as an amusement park ride and it was not clear to me what if anything the kids learned about earthquakes. Most of the exhibits seemed pretty superficial and I question whether the visitors actually learn much. The Perot Museum is worth a visit but probably no more than one.

Dallas Museum of Art I took my son here to check out the kid’s area of the museum. It’s a good-sized area. They have a camping themed station, water station, climbing area, produce station, a craft station and outside they have a sandpit. There was a good amount of things for kids to do!

Covered parking is available right next door, walking distance for $10.00. As you walk up to the museum there’s a stream that flows. Kids and adults love it! Over to the right, there’s lots of shade and a good amount of modern simple chairs and tables.

This is a kid’s museum all the way. I love museums. Whenever I travel, I try to hit that area’s natural science museum and aquarium or any other notable attraction, whenever I can. It’s a thing I really enjoy doing. This is a very small museum with some interesting areas yet for whatever reason, I felt bored. I did enjoy it overall especially the gemstones and minerals collection. The dinosaurs were cool. It’s a lot smaller than I expected, I guess.

I would not seek out another visit there. I hurried through and left for the Aquarium which I absolutely loved. Perot Admission Sunday $20Aquarium Admission Sunday $22.68Aquarium was much better valued but I liked Perot’s gift shop much better and bought several T-shirts.

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I highly recommend the Perot Museum for all ages of visitors, whether science enthusiasts or just looking for something fun and interesting to do for a day.

In response to the question of whether remaining management has taken or will take a pay cut, the Perot replied through a spokeswoman by noting: “All employees — including those impacted by the reduction in force — have been paid and will continue to be paid in full through July 1. As always, we will remain adaptive and consider additional means of reducing expenses.”

Michael Granberry, Arts Writer. Michael Granberry was born and grew up in Dallas. He graduated from Samuell High School in Pleasant Grove in 1970 and from Southern Methodist University in 1974. Between his junior and senior years, he interned at The Washington Post during “the Watergate summer” of 1973. He spent 19 years at the Los Angeles Times before returning to Dallas.

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Linda Silver, Ed.D., joined the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in July 2017 as the Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer. Under her leadership, the Perot Museum has launched several successful new initiatives including the complete redesign of the museum’s Being Human Hall; innovative programs for guest engagement; the installation of a new Paleo Lab that provides visitors real-time views of the museum’s field research and discoveries; the announcement of two Centers of Excellence – in gems and minerals and paleoanthropology; and a partnership with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Prof. Lee Berger and the University of the Witwatersrand that produced a world-first virtual reality tour of one of the most significant human ancestor fossil sites on Earth.

Prior to leading the Perot Museum, Linda worked for the government of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates where she served as associate director of the Technology Development Committee. While in this position, she oversaw the creation and growth of informal science education initiatives aimed at building a sustainable and diversified knowledge economy for integration into the global ecosystem. Prior to this position, she spent eight years as the president and CEO of Great Lakes Science Center – one of the nation’s leading science and technology centers. She led the center in its first-ever strategic planning process and achieved a financial turnaround, taking the institution from operating losses to a balanced budget and creating a 75% earned-revenue business model.

Additionally, she developed crucial relationships with diverse stakeholders in the community to develop and deliver cutting-edge science education programming at the Museum and throughout the community. She holds degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles – Bachelor of Arts; Pepperdine University – Master of Business Administration; the University of Southern California — Doctorate of Education and Harvard Business School – Executive Education Program. Linda is a passionate and experienced museum leader with an unparalleled track record of delivering exceptional science education, civic and community engagement, and operational excellence.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a truly excellent place to discover and experience the science of all kinds, in an environment that encourages learning and will be difficult to explore fully in a single day.

Such an awesome museum for families. Kids of all ages will enjoy this museum. I’ve gone before without children several years ago but this time enjoyed it much more with our little ones.

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